RIED - Programs


Skills & Capacity Development is a pilot project that is borne out of the need to equip the next generation of economic players with skills they need to become successful and remain relevant in a changing world of technology and innovation. With few jobs in the labour market, acquiring a skill is becoming increasingly fundamental to economic success and prosperity. Our youths need to understand the benefits of having a skill combined with formal education/qualifications at an early age. In the course of this project, students will be trained on market-oriented technical vocational and functional skills that are needed to enhance their employability and self-employment.

This project is targeted at secondary school students, undergraduates and fresh graduates learning a vocational skill of their choice leading to future qualifications. The project aims to train over 10,000 students across the 23 local government areas in Rivers State on vocational/technical skills and skilled for life: web design, software development, e-Commerce, photography & cinematography; fashion design; using African fabrics to make shoes and bags, catering, cake baking and decorating, confectionery, jewelry and bead making etc.

Facilitators will explore the entrepreneurial potential of every skill chosen by students, motivating them towards self-reliance and personal development. Students will also receive access to micro-credit; mentorship and a chance to develop their skills. Best students will become peer mentors and trainers within and outside their schools/institutions.